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Celebrate Valentines Day with Sexy Sex Toy Savings Now Until 2.14
Celebrate Valentines Day with Sexy Sex Toy Savings Now Until 2.14




Stuffed bear in a plant with a boner sticking out Love Lust an Latex

Take your time with your new partners, and have patience. Being sexually comfortable with a new partner often takes time, try being naked and touching each other for a longer period of time. Payoffs are greatly improved by this method for all parties involved.

Slow deep conscious breathing can help send a message to your body and your brain to relax. There are lots of fun things to do while you're waiting for wood.

Watching Porn alone- or with your partner is a good way to get aroused. Plus you can learn a lot about your partner and what turns them on by what types of videos they like. If there are certain things you want your partner to do or you're into- but maybe too shy to bring up- this is a good way to introduce it.

Try Rubbing Baby Oil On Each Other or Take Turn Giving Each other Massages. Or Challenge Her to a Naughty Oil Wrestling Match. Winner Gets a Victory Round of Their Choosing.

Try Roleplaying or Dirty Talk!

When you do Get Hard- Take Your Time Going On.  Try edging yourself. The slow build- up will lead to a super intense orgasm that you and your partner won't soon forget! 

Having Good Lube Also Helps Get It Going!



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