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Happy Anal August! Exclusive Savings all Month Long!
Happy Anal August! Exclusive Savings all Month Long!


B-vibe Massters Degree Edition Anal Education Set

by Bvibe
Original price $300.00 - Original price $300.00
Original price
$300.00 - $300.00
Current price $300.00

lOoking to take your back door playtime to the next level? Then you are in for a treat!

Curated with the optimal tools for the true bussybuilder, the new b-vibe Anal Education Set : Massters Degree Edition is THE collection for advanced anal lovers everywhere. 


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 Size up wherever you might be with comfortable yet colossal SNUG PLUG 6 meaning of silky, smooth silicone, and a circumference of nearly 7 inches weighing in over 1 pound.

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