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Happy Anal August! Exclusive Savings all Month Long!
Happy Anal August! Exclusive Savings all Month Long!


Fun Factory Duke | Prostate Massager

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Fun Factory Duke | Prostate Massager.

DUKE - THE PERFECT FIT. Two Toys in One. Did you know that your rectum (the fun few inches inside your butt) curves back toward your tailbone? That's why the DUKE is designed with a back-facing curve: the bump at the top of the central shaft hits your prostate, while that curve gives you a feeling of fullness that's tailored to your anatomy.

Oh yeah, and that extra section on the bottom? Vibrates your perineum, where there are lots of nerve endings. This is a next level prostate massager and butt toy. Strong, quiet motor. Hypoallergenic & easy to clean. What's so great about the DUKE Try five flavors of vibration against your prostate and sensitive perineum. A removable waterproof bullet that can be popped out for a deep behind-the-balls massage or for teasing your partner. A full feeling that's not about size; it's about fitting your body. A tapered end that makes insertion easy. A flexible silicone body that makes this a great toy to wear during sex. 


Highlights - Fun Factory Duke

  • Strong Quiet Motor
  • Flexible Silicone Body
  • Bonus Waterproof Removable Bullet
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Easy-to-Clean
  • Waterproof- submersible


Designed and handcrafted in Germany. 

Fun Factory Duke Prostate Massager


Color: Black