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Rouge Short Leather Flogger

Original price $62.00 - Original price $62.00
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$62.00 - $62.00
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Rouge Short Leather Flogger with studs on handle.

Lightweight, with a beautifully laced handle. Fits perfectly in your hand, the leather straps fly with ease. You will want to take your time with this flogger, slowly caressing the skin with the soft leather. Watching as you send goosebumps down your subs body.  Time to test its abilities. A quick flick of the wrist, landed on the right bottom administers a new sensation, this time a slight stingy sensation. Another flight of the wrist this time, this time with a little more force. Its well received. 

Weight    0.44 lbs
Dimensions    25.5 × 4 × 3 in


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