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Kegal Beads Love Lust & Latex

Kegal Beads

Kegal Beads

Kegal Beads for Strengthening the Pelvic Floor

What are Kegel balls and anal beads used for?

We're certain that you've heard people talk about Kegel balls and anal beads millions of times, but you've never been quite sure about what they were used for. But, first of all, we’d like to clarify one thing: when we talk about Kegel balls and anal beads, we're referring to a chain structure that's made up of several pieces. These pieces are usually spherical—that's why they're widely know as “balls” or “beads”.

With that in mind, we're delighted to announce that these toys will change your sex life forever! Why is that? Well, on the one hand, the basic function of Kegel balls is to tighten the pelvic muscles. This will have benefits for you, as well as your partner when having sex. On the other hand, anal beads will allow you to start off with anal sex painlessly and discover a new world of pleasure. You just need to decide if you'd prefer them to be made of metal, silicone, plastic or glass. At Love Lust & Latex, you’ll find the best Ben Wa balls and anal beads at unbeatable prices. Don't wait to buy your set of Kegel balls.

Can you only buy Kegel balls at Love Lust & Latex

Not in the least. Yes, it's true that our online sex shop offers you a wide selection of Kegel balls of every possible shape, color and weight. We even have training sets, so you can always continue to progress. However, we don't only have Ben Wa balls in this section. Anal balls are also a lure for those that wish to experience new pleasures. Practice painless anal sex with our huge selection of anal beads. If all this wasn't enough, you can also get vibrating Kegel balls and anal beads. Sounds tempting, doesn't it? Well, let’s go!

  • Kegel balls: Love Lust & Latex's Kegel balls will accompany you wherever you like. We have Kegel balls at the best prices and for all tastes at our online adult store. If you're still a beginner, just one ball will be enough. However, if you're already an expert in the field, make the most of structures with at least two spheres. At our online sex shop we have sets of Kegel balls of different weights and sizes—which can even be interchangeable. Try as many different combinations as you can! We also have Kegel balls made of different materials: metallic Kegel balls, silicone Kegel balls, etc. Maybe you haven't even heard of Kegel balls. If that's the case, you're surely wondering what they're used for. Obviously, they're aimed at improving your sexual relations, but other benefits include preventing urinary incontinence or recovering muscle tone after pregnancy. So, how do they work? Well, it's very simple. Insert the Kegel balls into your vagina after applying a little lubricant. You can do this in a lying or sitting position. The most important thing is that you're comfortable. When they're inside—stand up. It’s time to do exercise! If you're still not familiar with the name Kegel, you soon will be. Kegel gave his name to a series of exercises that help strengthen the muscles under the uterus, bladder and large intestine. Kegel exercises are based on imitating the sensation of urination, and then holding back. (Liebe has has perfect exercises for pelvic floor strengthening). This way, the muscles that control the flow of urine will contract and relax. This group of muscles are also know as the pelvic floor. It's recommended that you do between 15 and 30 minutes everyday. Don't wait any longer to tone your pelvic floor muscles! What's more, at Love Lust & Latex you have Kegel balls in every color you can imagine.
  • Anal beads: We have a wide variety of anal beads available at Love Lust & Latex. This sex toy consists of a series of balls or structures linked together by a chain, which gradually increase in size. There is a pull ring at one end so that both insertion and removal are very simple. This ring also serves as a “stopper”. It ensures that your anal beads don't get stuck in the rectum. Would you like to know how else you can enjoy your anal beads? Firstly, as it is an area that does not naturally self-lubricate, you should apply plenty of lubricant to the anus. Why not visit our lubricants section? You’re sure to find the perfect product among our wide selection. OK, now what? Insert them slowly so that the anus dilates little by little—and enjoy! Increase the intensity, try different shapes—simply experiement! We recommend that you do the same when removing them if you want your orgasms to be more intense. That's to say—little by little and unhurriedly. Enjoy anal sex without the pain. What's more, in contrast to what many people think, anal beads are also therapeutic. Would you like to start off with anal sex? Or, maybe you're an expert, but you're having certain problems during penetration? Find the best product for you in our online adult store.
  • Vibrating balls: Yes, you've read that correctly. We also have vibrating balls available in our catalog. By just activating the motor, you’ll also activate a world of new sensations. What's the purpose of vibration in your Kegel balls or anal beads? To increase your pleasure. Indeed, all the conventional balls and beads in our online sex shop already manage to fulfil this purpose. But vibrating balls and beads go one step further. What's more, did you know that using the vibration function is an ideal way to activate your pelvic floor muscles even faster? Surely you never thought that therapy and pleasure could go so wonderfully well together.


Lelo Kegal Beads 


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